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About the program

Corporate business education – is the integration of scientific research of HSE experts and practical experience of successful entrepreneurs for the progressive top-management.

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Corporate program: digital-transformation




Digital-transformation of the companies: new business scripts and digital leadership- is a corporate program of professional growth aimed at development of the innovative technical skills and the “road-map” for digitalization of the company


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Course of the program

Strategic session
Projection of the program
Evaluation of the result

Results for the university

For the company:

– Debugged process of business development for employees
– Technologies of management based on specificity of the company and the business sector (educational program customized for the company’s goals)
– Practical orientation of educational programs (working with real projects)
– Flexibility and modularity of program construction

For trainees:

– Diving into the avant-garde of modern professional trends
– Expansion of the knowledge horizon
– Development of communication skills
– Getting ideas about alternative views on the professional environment
– Increased career potential

Achieved skills and competences

– Managerial competences
– Innovative type of thinking
– Ability to resolve problems in professional activity
– Ability to initiate creative ideas
– Skills for cooperation and teambuilding
– Willingness to organize and provide business processes

– Possession of communication technologies
– Ability to manage the creative projects, to unite and direct creative and productive activities
– Personal competences and potential of the leader


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