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We develop programs for transformation of universities into modern structures with a cohesive and motivated management team.

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Corporate program: project management in university 4.0.

Project management in university 4.0. – is a practical corporate program of professional development structured by modules and aimed at building of project management skills in an innovative university.
The key result of the training is the formation of unified teams that can implement the university’s strategic projects at different levels of its structure. The program also provides an opportunity:
• to study practical approaches to the transformation of the university in a dynamic educational landscape;
• to discuss the challenges of modern higher education;
• to analyze successful management cases;
• to create a motivating context of transformations at the university

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Course of the program

Strategic session
Projection of the program
Evaluation of the result

Results for the university

– Ready-made management technology based on experience of successful implementation of models in leading Russian universities
– Expert evaluation of the management system
– “Road-map” for implementation of the new management system for one or another type of activity at the university (considering the specificity of the industry)
– Debugging the processes of interaction within the university’s management team

Achieved skills and competences

– Managerial competences
– Innovative type of thinking
– Ability to resolve problems in professional activity
– Ability to initiate creative ideas
– Skills for cooperation and teambuilding
– Willingness to organize and provide business processes
– Possession of communication technologies
– Ability to manage the creative projects, to unite and direct creative and productive activities
– Personal competences and potential of the leader


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